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Two-way Radios / walkie talkies are devices that can be purchased with a range of very useful accessories to improve their use.
Antennas, desktop charger, earpiece, speaker Mic, programming cable, Belt Clip, Protective Pouch. We have all the essential and perfect accessories for your walkie talkies.


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1.What is the range of a Baofeng walkie talkies?
The communication range between walkie/talkie is heavily dependent on terrain. BaoFeng radios have very high frequencies (VHF) and ultrahigh frequencies (UHF) which can travel in most normal conditions from one to 10 miles.

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2.Are BaoFeng walkie talkies good?

Baofeng Radio equipment with high-quality at an affordable price and functions extremely well. If you are a young child who is looking for some communication around a neighborhood, a campsite, or even your own land, they're perfect.

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3.Is BaoFeng a Chinese company?

Baofeng Electronics Company is one China manufacturer of hand-held transceiver and sells its products worldwide.

4.Which BaoFeng Radio is better? Baofeng UV-5R or UV-5RH?
Baofeng Radio UV-5RH is better than Baofeng UV-5R.

The 2024 new Baofeng UHF/ VHF Two Way Ham Radio, was the first Baofeng Radio UV-5R to get a full internal upgrade. UV-5RH is a professional ham radio, True 10W high power, High/Mid/Low Tri-Power Switchover. Up to 999channels.1.77 inch color screen. With Tri-Power (8W/ 4W/1W), New Hardened Durable Radio Shell, Large Battery capacity 2500mAh, support Wireless copy Frequency, NOAA, Type-C Fast Charging.

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5.What is PMR446?

PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio, 446-446.2MHz) is a part of the UHF radio frequency range that is open without licensing for business and personal use in most countries of the Europe area.

PMR 446, 0.5w output power, fixed antenna these technical parameters make BF-888S walkie talkie a completely legal radio in UK and Europe. BF-888S PMR version walkie talkies is such a professional radio, which you can rest assured to use and no need to worry about the license problem.

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6.Can BaoFeng radio be used as police?
The Baofeng radio isn’t the police scanner.


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